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The first-ever study of African American giftedness at the collegiate level, focusing on two extraordinary case studies. At a time when so many studies of African American students focus on the factors of failure, Academically Gifted African American Male College Students fills a conspicuous void in the research literature on post-secondary education by focusing on success. Like no other work before it, this remarkable study goes deep inside the experiences of academically gifted African American men who successfully navigate their way through rigorous college-level programs.

In presenting, comparing, and contrasting these two cases, the book identifies a number of personal characteristics and institutional approaches driving their notable achievements. The result is a guidebook both for gifted African American male students and for the institutions looking to strengthen their support for them—particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM disciplines.

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Fred A. Thus, it provides a unique examination of the state of gifted Black males in higher education and should be read by everyone who works with college students. The strength of this study is that the author asks good questions and then listens carefully to the voices of these students. Ultimately, their voices and perceptions — and our expectations of them — determine how they perform. Bonner provides us with a compelling portrait of gifted African American males.

Academically Gifted African American Male College Students | Dr. Fred Bonner

Through comprehensive longitudinal case study methods, he invites us to join him in examining the lives of Trey and Stephen, two gifted students in drastically different collegiate environments. We come away from this exploration with an enlightened understanding of the difficult challenges and joyful triumphs experienced in the lives of high achieving African American males. Ganim, S. UNC report finds 18 years of academic fraud to keep athletes playing.

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Young, gifted, and black? Prepare to fight for your education

Jackson, V. Take it from a former division I athlete: College sports are like Jim Crow.

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  • Academically Gifted African American Male College Students.
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Young, gifted, and black? Prepare to fight for your education

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Academically Gifted African American Male College Students

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