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Music Critic Awards. As an emerging female country artist in Nashville, history suggests that the quickest path to success is somehow aligning oneself with one of the major publishers, producers, songwriters, labels, or managers that are the heart of Music Row. So what do you do if you are an emerging female country artist in Nashville, and also happen to be the granddaughter of musical icon, Willie Nelson?

Raelyn Nelson has been singing since she can remember. Having been raised on a steady diet of traditional country and gospel music, a gift from her grandpa in the form of a guitar during her teenage years was the inspiration she needed to begin writing her own country and folk songs. Looking for a place to record these songs, a mutual friend suggested JB Jonathan Bright , a veteran of the underground rock scene and independent producer.

After recording some of these early songs, they decided to try to write some things together and see what happened. The result? Everyone in my family who plays music has always placed a lot of importance on band chemistry, on stage, off stage and in the studio.

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Why would I mess with that? We try to keep it simple: Write songs we like, record them, make a video, then go out and play them for people. In releasing his latest album, Two Lane Town, JD Shelburne feels he has recorded the album that could take him to a whole new level. My life turned around in an instant when I found that guitar. I had played three different sports growing up, and just led the simple small-town life. When I was about to finish college, there was a point where I realized I was about to be an adult and wondered what I was going to do with my life.

Where I was going to go? I honestly felt like I was born to play music and entertain people. It was just something that I gravitated towards naturally.

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At age 19, he found a guitar after the death of his grandmother and began learning to play and sing on his own. Eventually, Shelburne was adding original songs into the set mix, in addition to producing songs of his own material. In , Kentucky fell in love at first sight with Shelburne, then college student and small-town kid with a wide smile, natural singing voice and a love of faith, family and his hometown of Taylorsville, KY. But that small-town image is merely a fond memory now that he has moved on to Nashville down the path to music stardom.

Now find him soaking up the music scene, touring cities, building a fan-base and celebrating a decade of success playing venues all across the southeast trying to get his big break. Critics find him credible. Fans pack his shows. Venues strive to book him. There are very few new artists recording songs today about whom that can be said. Shelburne has performed over concerts all over the southeast as well as over festivals.

As you can imagine, the road is a place where he loves to be. I did dates last year, and in , I did I have always taken nearly every opportunity given to me that was within reasonable distance. I have a relative in the family that was a Country artist back in the s, and his name was Guy Shannon. He had a couple of charted singles, and played the Opry several times.

We got fictional sports Rollerball and sports we made up through sheer tyranny of will Murderball. Except for sculling. Sorry, Nic.

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Please deal with your rage accordingly before continuing. Synopsis: In , a teenage girl fights to play on the boys' varsity soccer team after her brother, a soccer champion, Synopsis: A failed hockey player turned unconventional golf whiz is determined to win a PGA tournament to save his grandmother's house Synopsis: Peter Colt is an unlucky guy, scoring "love" both professionally and personally.

Seeded near the bottom of the world tennis Synopsis: Nothing gets between Anne Marie and her surfboard. Living in a beach shack with three roommates including her rebellious younger Synopsis: The true story of an upset victory that helped change the sport of golf forever provides the basis for this Synopsis: Race is based on the incredible true story of Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose quest to become the Synopsis: The hard work, dedication, and personal politics behind "rah rah rah!

As such, we feel the need to represent the ladies a bit, here. In case the subtleties of love and conflict might escape you.

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The video hammered the message home by manifesting these metaphors as a bunch of whores dance-fighting a Raul Julia look-alike while shaking their boobs in a menacing fashion. This was "cock rock" for the female set. Best Things to Do While Listening: Stand up to the oppressive patriarchal regime, learn to respect yourself and your body, or just Jazzercise.

This song debuted in on the Footloose soundtrack, and called for a resurgence of heroic chivalry among men of the era.

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Bonnie Tyler cried out in futility and frustration, lamenting "Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods? In response to this heart-wrenching plea for masculinity, men of the '80s commenced to wear white loafers without socks, purchased hair mousse in bulk and turned up their Wham! But in all fairness to the men of the '80s, Bonnie went on to specify that the man she wanted was "a white knight on a fiery steed," who was "racing with the thunder and rising with the heat," from a place "up where the mountains meet the heavens above, out where the lightning splits the sea.

Best Things to Do While Listening: This song inspired young women not to settle for second best, as well as motivating young men to be at their most grand and heroic. Appropriate actions to take would be forging swords, sword-fighting or swooning while watching your man sword-fight. If these actions are beyond you, may we recommend purchasing a Wham! Tyler will shut up eventually. There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love Journey ironically and people who love Journey genuinely. People who love Journey ironically are mostly leather-clad hipsters in second-hand vintage T-shirts, smoking cloves and hanging with strung-out androgynous she-boys outside used record stores.

As for people who love Journey genuinely, they do so because of this song. It includes vague references to singing in bars, drinking, cheap perfume, taking your chances, livin' in the city, romance at midnight, a jaded city boy, a lonely small-town girl, and a mysterious train whose destination, one assumes, is rock 'n' roll.

The Only Way It Could Be Better: The only thing that would more fully encompass the '80s music experience would be an awkward rap breakdown where Steve Perry discusses his Adidas in depth while repeating the word "rap" and reeling off strings of gibberish.

The Best Speeches in Sports Movie History | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Something like, "rap rap rappity pap a dap, dang, my Adidas. Best Things to Do While Listening: Journey was all about the troubles of ennui-stricken city youth in the s, and as such, this song is best played while enacting any of that generation's primary concerns: dancing about in a vaguely industrial area; following your dreams to the big city; standing up to your father; or bedazzling your name on the back of a denim jacket. There were only two types of people in the s: teenage boys from the bible belt who secretly yearned to rock, and small-town girls with big dreams that their parents just didn t understand.

The tale is told in the classical Shakespearean fashion, accentuating the end-sentence nouns by screaming them in a shattering falsetto, and marking changes in meter by thrusting the pelvis into the listener s face as fast and as hard as possible. If hearing "just one guitar" while standing outside a venue in the pouring rain can cause an innocent farm boy to mutate into a vulgar, screeching, musical demi-god, imagine hearing 17 guitars on top of a mountain in a thunderstorm!

You could instantaneously transform altar boys all across the heartland into foot tall rock ogres, shredding on nuclear guitars and ejaculating fiery magma into the horrified faces of America s enemies. Serve your country, Foreigner. Give a little back for once. Best Things to Do While Listening: If you have the resources, we recommend piloting a guitar-shaped spaceship to the furthest reaches of our galaxy. Once there, you should lasso a passing comet with your amp cord and ride it like a rocketing, icy steed into the heart of the nearest star.

With any luck, this may be just awesome enough to explode the star before its ambient heat can disintegrate you. Yes, somehow Kenny Loggins, the man who co-sang "Danny s Song" plea-bargained a temporary pair of testicles and stepped up to be a man for one brief, shining moment in He wrote a song tailor-made for shadow boxing in the midst of explosions on a rainy night, while standing on a mountain top and screaming to the heavens.

He did not settle for a lesser concept. He put you on a highway: the fastest, straightest route possible directly to an entire zone that is nothing but danger. The Only Way It could Be Better: It would help if we could have listened to it without ever knowing who this "Kenny Loggins" guy was, and without ever seeing his '80s spiked hair and beard in action. Also, it's the theme song for one of the most homo-erotic films ever committed to celluloid, so there's that. As is the case for all deals bartered with the devil, there was a catch, and poor Loggins' balls were not to last.

He quickly returned to pastels and songs about love-conquering stuff. Thus were his few glorious, fleeting moments as a male rendered all but a memory, leaving Loggins to live to this day in silent misery amidst the many fond remembrances of what having a penis felt like. Best Things to Do While Listening: Aside from the obvious piloting of jets with macho irreverence, "Danger Zone's" prominent themes of transport and peril would also be suitable to listen to while riding literally anything with a reckless disregard for your personal safety.

Try racing a horse down a busy freeway, for example, or driving a jet ski through a parking garage.

go to site Joe Esposito is not a man that likes to fuck around. He didn t sit around in his Ford Festiva in the Kmart parking lot trying to think up a bunch of metaphors for kicking your soul in the ass and making you believe you re better than everybody. He just straight up said "You re the best!

There are no lyrics in this song that aren t about how completely, utterly, and thoroughly, fucking awesome you are at everything from fighting to gambling to sports. The Only Way It Could Be Better: This song could only inspire you to kick more ass if, periodically, the music would stop for a second while Esposito screamed swear words at the top of his lungs, and the title was amended to "You re The Best Motherfucker!

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Best Things to Do While Listening: It is completely acceptable to do any damn thing you want to this song. Whatever it is you re about to do, Joe Esposito took seven weeks out of his life back in the '80s to write a little ditty about just how badass you are at it. As a consequence of this, it has been universally appropriated as the definitive anthem of the triumphant underdog. Its opening chords have entered the cultural subconscious as the theme music for facing impossible odds. When anything insurmountable occurs, from massive corporate takeovers to pie-eating contests, "Eye of the Tiger" may be faintly heard, wafting distantly in the wind.

If life is Goliath, "Eye of the Tiger" is its David. Nearly everything is unbelievably dangerous while listening to "Eye of the Tiger. Think of the weakest, most pedestrian chore you can do, for example, doing laundry. Now play "Eye of the Tiger" in the background. If, by the end of that spin cycle you haven t managed to somehow kill a grizzly bear with fabric sheets or make sweet love to every woman within 40 yards, then you need to see a coroner because you apparently died the night before.

As proof, check the video. The band absolutely throws down the gauntlet here, saying, "Witness that this song be badass even if you walk down the street in skin-tight jeans and a beret. Best Things to Do While Listening: "Eye of the Tiger" will accept no less than lacing up boxing gloves, buckling on a sword, or rolling on a condom from you.