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In this article, we look at a variety of facts about blood, including color, types, and donation. Although veins appear blue through the skin, blood is not blue.

Easy bruising: Why does it happen

The reason why veins might seem to be blue may have to do with the level of oxygen in the blood. Arteries transport blood that is rich in oxygen away from the heart to be used by organs and tissues in the body. The veins return deoxygenated blood to the heart. It is a common myth that veins are blue because they carry deoxygenated blood. Blood in the human body is red regardless of how oxygen-rich it is, but the shade of red may vary. The level or amount of oxygen in the blood determines the hue of red.

As blood leaves the heart and is oxygen-rich, it is bright red. When the blood returns to the heart, it has less oxygen. It is still red but will be darker. This darker red appears blue because of how light travels through the skin. Some types of octopus, squid, and crustaceans have blue blood. Their blood contains a high concentration of copper.

When copper mixes with oxygen, it gives their blood its blue color.

The skink, which is a type of lizard, has green blood due to a buildup of biliverdin. Biliverdin and bilirubin are by-products of the liver. Humans also produce these two by-products. However, the human body sends biliverdin and bilirubin to the intestines and through the digestive system to be excreted. Skinks do not excrete biliverdin, so it builds up in their body, making the blood green. Everyone knows that blood is a vital component of the human body. But just how much blood is in the body? The exact amount of blood in the body varies according to a person's size. The larger a person is, the more blood volume they have.

Approximately 7—8 percent of a person's total weight is blood. That means an average-sized woman has about 9 pints of blood and an average-sized man about 12 pints. If a person loses too much blood, it can lead to a life-threatening condition called hemorrhagic shock.

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Research shows that shock usually occurs when a person loses 20 percent of their blood volume. Symptoms of hemorrhagic shock include dizziness, low blood pressure , and confusion. A doctor will likely treat hemorrhagic shock with fluid resuscitation and blood transfusions. Everyone's blood contains the same elements or components. Human blood contains red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma. Even though all blood contains those same components, not everyone's blood is alike. There are different blood types based on the absence or presence of specific antigens and antibodies on the surface of the red blood cells.

An antigen is a substance that can cause an immune system response in the body. The two most common antigens are A and B. For example, people with the blood type A have an A-antigen on their red blood cells, and people with type B blood have a B-antigen. Some people have both. People with O blood type do not have either A or B antigens on the red blood cells. Type O is the most common blood type in the world.

Another antigen is a protein called the Rhesus Rh factor. People with this protein are considered Rh-positive. If the blood lacks the protein, they are Rh-negative.

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A numbing medicine turned a woman's blood blue

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A numbing medicine turned a woman's blood blue - CNN

Is the blood in our bodies blue or is it just a myth? The answer is not only telling of our biology but that of other organisms as well. China forcing travelers to install text-stealing malware when crossing border China has long spied on its own citizens, but a new report shows how foreigners are increasingly falling under the nation's watchful eye. Bloomberg via Getty. The malware records calls, texts, calendar info, and other data and also searches for Islamic extremist content.

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Explosion and fire rocks Texas chemical plant. Police find woman dead and body of her husband in a freezer. Mysterious 'blob' that caused WH lockdown may have been birds. Their patient, they wrote, looked "cyanotic," the clinical term for appearing blue. They attributed her blueness to a numbing agent the woman was using, which deadens nerve endings in the skin.

Warren, an emergency medicine physician at Miriam Hospital in Providence, told CNN he'd only ever seen one other "blue" patient while completing his residency. It stuck with him, so he was immediately able to identify the woman's condition.

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  • Warren diagnosed her with "acquired methemoglobinemia," a reaction caused by certain medicines that stops blood from carrying oxygen to tissue, he said. Oxygen-rich blood is typically associated with a bright-red color.