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The suffix "scotch" is not related to alcohol, but to the method of cutting.

Difference Between Caramel, Butterscotch, and Toffee

Hard candy is difficult to break into clean pieces, so the candy is " scotched " scored to make it easy to cut later. As for toffee, it has the same ingredients as butterscotch but is cooked longer. Toffee is cooked until the hard-crack stage , meaning there is a 99 percent sugar concentration.

Everyone knows to expect a partridge in a pear tree from your true love on the first day of Christmas But when is the first day of Christmas?

Candy by Flavor

You'd think that the 12 days of Christmas would lead up to the big day—that's how countdowns work, as any year-end list would illustrate—but in Western Christianity, "Christmas" actually begins on December 25 and ends on January 5. According to liturgy, the 12 days signify the time in between the birth of Christ and the night before Epiphany, which is the day the Magi visited bearing gifts.

This is also called "Twelfth Night.

As for the ubiquitous song, it is said to be French in origin and was first printed in England in Rumors spread that it was a coded guide for Catholics who had to study their faith in secret in 16th-century England when Catholicism was against the law. According to the Christian Resource Institute , the legend is that "The 'true love' mentioned in the song is not an earthly suitor, but refers to God Himself. The 'me' who receives the presents refers to every baptized person who is part of the Christian Faith.

Doja Cat - Candy

Each of the 'days' represents some aspect of the Christian Faith that was important for children to learn. In debunking that story, Snopes excerpted a email that lists what each object in the song supposedly symbolizes:.

There is pretty much no historical evidence pointing to the song's secret history, although the arguments for the legend are compelling. Pandol also founded International Fruit Genetics , a company that uses traditional breeding methods like cross-pollination to create new varieties of grapes and cherries.

How Is Toffee Different from Caramel? - Chowhound

That's exactly how they create the Cotton Candy grape: by crossing two other grape species, a Concord-like grape and a variety of Vitis vinifera , a common grape. That left them with a new grape — the Cotton Candy grape — that's lower in acid and higher in sugar than most others; the sugar content measures 20 brix the measurement of the sugar content of grapes before they are harvested to make sure their flavor and sweetness lives up to their name.

By comparison, traditional grapes measure 17 to 19 brix. So do Cotton Candy grapes live up to the hype?

How to Make the Best Salted Caramels at Home

Some describe the flavor as being like vanilla or caramel, which, combined with the amount of sugar and low acid, makes the grape taste like pretty much just like cotton candy. The hybrid grape is licensed to only a few growers worldwide; growing them in other countries where the climate allows an extended season makes them available a little bit longer than six weeks a year. And, if you still haven't satisfied your sweet tooth once the Cotton Candy grapes are gone for the season, Grapery has a few other grape hybrids, including one called Gum Drops — a round, purple grape that tastes just like If you closed your eyes and popped one of these grapes in your mouth, you'd swear you were eating cotton candy.