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After the police get involved one of the suspects is found hanged — is this another murder or suicide? Was he indeed hanged? Could this be the murder weapon? Is it possible that an assassin lives at the heart of this formerly peaceful and idyllic mountain village? Love, hate, murder and high drama all feature in this classic historical detective story. With a long list of suspects, some dramatic twists and the odd red herring, the reader is left guessing until the final curtain.


Approx 93, words. Is now available. Faith also writes adventurous romantic suspense. Qualified as a Registered nurse and later changed careers to oversee a number of travel and sport related companies. Faith is married with a family. Once the children attended University, she decided to join them in reading for a Science degree. Faith obtained an Honours Science degree in and believes the dedication and stamina needed to sit for a degree while in full-time employment, gave her the confidence to finish writing her first novel.

Expect enticing travel deals from resorts and cruise lines eager to welcome visitors, with some providers also offering volunteer opportunities—from preparing meals for displaced residents to chipping in on construction projects.

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So go ahead and live out that fantasy of snorkeling with the pigs in Exuma, frolicking with the flamingos of Inagua , or attending a local fish fry on a white-sand beach on Paradise Island. Your fun-in-the-sun vacation contributes to the Bahamas bouncing back. These days, it seems like the word "overtourism" was specifically coined for Italy. But Emilia-Romagna remains the country's uncrowded, way-underrated region.

Underrated, that is, by everybody but foodies. The salumi , cheeses, handmade pastas, and meat sauces produced here are among the finest offerings of this food-proud nation.

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Legs of prosciutto and fat wheels of Parmigiano cheese line the shopping streets of Romanesque Parma , while noble Modena lays claim to balsamic vinegar, opera stars, fast cars, and Massimo Bottura—quite possibly the world's most celebrated chef. While the region may lack the blockbuster sights of Rome, Florence, and Venice, Emilia-Romagna gives travelers the chance to see Lamborghinis roll off the assembly line, visit a museum dedicated to one specific cut of cured pork culatello , sip sparkling red Lambrusco at a winery, and take in a performance at a historic opera house—all in one day.

If that sounds too ambitious, do as the Emilia-Romagnans do and take your time, savoring the one-of-a-kind food, wine, and cultural offerings of Italy's breadbasket. A lot of places claim to be off the beaten path, but Papua New Guinea isn't kidding—the South Pacific nation has the world's lowest tourism density , meaning that locals vastly outnumber visitors. If you're lucky, you might just have the beaches, coral reefs, and lush rainforests here to yourself.

But don't pass up the chance to explore some of the traditional villages where indigenous peoples maintain the customs and languages they've been safeguarding for generations. Despite its faraway feeling, P. Note : Due to civil unrest in certain areas, it's important to exercise increased caution when it comes to safety. We recommend going with a tour group or hiring a private guide to help navigate the nuances of a place still getting used to the presence of outsiders.

Woodstock's 50th fizzled in , but England 's most iconic music event will sail into its sixth decade as the ne plus ultra of outdoor summer parties. Held in Pilton, Somerset 25 miles south of Bath , the annual Glastonbury Festival marks a half-century of showcasing popular trends—from hippies to hip-hop—with a banner five-day event in June. Glasto is already legendary for iconic surprise performances—New Order catapulting the electronic age in , Oasis and the Chemical Brothers mainstreaming Britpop and raves in the early '90s—so the music world has high expectations for the golden anniversary.

Last October, most tickets sold out in less than half an hour, but new tickets will be released in April. Rock on!

Diana Rivers Series by Faith Mortimer

The massive devaluation of Argentina's peso over the last two years has once again brought prices down drastically in the land of tango, beef, malbec, and soccer. Rebuilding efforts since the last economic downturn, in , have brought interesting developments to a number of the city's neighborhoods.

Villa Crespo , nicknamed Villa Kreplach because of its large Jewish population, is today a place of hole-in-the-wall craft-beer bars, underground art spaces, hidden late-night lounges, and an enormous billiards hall with peeling walls where locals sip gin-and-tonics and play ping-pong and chess into the wee hours. On the other side of town, San Telmo , a neighborhood already well known for its Sunday antiques fair in Plaza Dorrego , is in the middle of a gentrification process that exploded this past year.

The Old Market , built in , now has new cafes, patisseries, and wine bars selling sips from small family farms.

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A bohemian community of artists has formed cooperatives and taken over stores in the area, making it a mecca for artisanal goods. And Buenos Aires remains South America's most European city, with its broad boulevards, cosmopolitan fashions, and high-octane nightlife.

Dubai is betting on yes. Some countries plus the United Nations, celebrating its 75th anniversary are expected to participate, creating whiz-bang pavilions with architecture so avant-garde, it'll make the new Star Wars movie look old-fashioned.


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Inside dazzlers like that, fairgoers will find exhibits showing off countries' achievements; demonstrations of new technologies relating to opportunity, movement, and sustainability; performances of all sorts; and foods from around the globe. What's less polite to point out is that Dubai could use the sort of boost an event with international attention could provide.

A glut of ultramodern skyscrapers has led to a drop in real-estate prices, and the mistreatment of foreign workers has tarnished the U.

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Amid those concerns, Dubai is hoping that the expo will not only present an image of a bright future, but help secure one for the city as well. Get ready to party like it's Throughout the year, festivities commemorating the th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage will span four nations: the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Wampanoag Nation.

As part of the U. But in the half-century since—and as living memory of that cataclysm recedes—Cambodia has been reborn as a welcoming, must-see nation for tourists. Now it's about to be changed again. Last July, Thailand resumed rail service from Bangkok to the Cambodia border, and already-laid tracks await the day when the Royal Railway finds funds for trains to travel into the country's heart again. Previously isolated at the far end of long plane trips and bumpy bus rides, Siem Reap , the northern gateway to the rediscovered jungle city of Angkor Wat , has already been transformed, even with the transit obstacles, from a backwater town to a resort destination, going from dusty streets to satin sheets in a matter of years.

Children of the Plantation

Now it seems that expansion will be unleashed nationwide—not just because of improved rail service but also due to increased interest from China, which is consolidating its influence on the region. Chinese tourists are pouring in to gamble at the metastasizing proliferation of small casinos Cambodian residents, meanwhile, are forbidden from gambling. For vacationers, the signs are clear: Cambodia is on the cusp of joining the global tourist circuit in earnest, and the original character of its national appeal will change. So if you want to be able to say you experienced this magical place when it was still somewhat divorced from overtourism, is the time to go.

The Big Island made a big splash in the news in , when a billion cubic yards of lava rolled through lush rainforest and across remote neighborhoods into the sea. Outside the park, local officials have been busy repaving miles of lava-covered roads, restoring access to sights in the rural Puna district, including the recently reopened, much beloved Kalani wellness retreat and the new black-sand beach and lagoon at Isaac Hale Beach Park in Pohoiki.

Lacking the hipster cred of Berlin and the Bavarian charm of Munich, this one-time German capital on the Rhine River often gets bypassed by tourists. Bonn is going all out to fete its native son with concerts, exhibitions, film projects, lecture series, dance performances, a sound-and-light show, a procession, parties, and youth events. Most unusually, some 2, concerts will be performed in private households throughout Germany, which should be a wonderfully personal and fascinating way to experience the master's works.

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In the greater Bonn area, Beethoven pilgrims will find 22 new informational panels that mark the most important events of the 22 years that he lived here. The center of Ludwig mania will be the Beethoven-Haus , where the composer was born and grew up. Now a museum, the building was refurbished and expanded in time for the anniversary.

Fans can check out Beethoven's love letters, ear trumpet, and a piano that was custom-made to amplify sound. But with the arrival of more regular and more affordable flights from Mexico City and the United States, Oaxaca is finally having its moment. And rightly so. Not only is this the country's most culturally diverse state, but it's also one of the most biodiverse.

Just a couple hours' drive from Oaxaca City, community-led ecotourism is beginning to flourish, allowing outdoor adventurers to explore the Sierra Norte —a tranquil pine-oak forest perfect for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. According to travel operators, the strange episode resulted in a huge spike in interest among tourists wondering what all the fuss was about. Huge in size yet small in population, the island is a wild, icy beauty with archaeological sites, glaciers, spots for northern-lights viewing, hot springs, and a great little capital in Nuuk pictured.

With the addition of new air routes, Greenland may be poised to be as big a destination as Iceland—just 3 hours away by plane. You may wonder why such a staggeringly scenic part of the world has remained relatively obscure. The place is filled with fjords and glaciers, and it burps up more icebergs than anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere.