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Sports dedication has a law of its own.

Why Loyalty is Crucial to Basketball Excellence

So how do clubs, and other companies, make the most of this immense, lifelong dedication that fans have? And how are they thanking their fans, and encouraging continued loyalty? First, take into consideration that not every fan can be a season ticket holder. Manchester United, for instance, has millions of fans beyond Manchester including thousands on this island. Previously, fandom was just in the sports grounds or on one TV channel, now fans engage in online discussions, follow transfer and team news on apps, and watch cable TV channels and listen to podcasts dedicated to talking about one sport and even sometimes just discussing one club.

Fan clubs are almost as old as sport itself you might have been a member yourself, in your childhood!

These points are earned by, for instance, visiting the website daily, sharing content, and other similar engagements — all designed to drive participation! It might help explain why attendance is almost booked solid, and revenue for Chelsea remains incredibly healthy, with the club growing turnover by Getting to games early, shopping at the merchandise stands, and investing in a season seat, are some of the ways to earn points.

Edited by David Levinson and Gertrud Pfister

And these points can be redeemed on anything, such as watching warm-ups from the team bench, to VIP trips and NHL events. We wanted to thank these groups for their passion and loyalty, and this programme was the absolute best way to do that.

Points are redeemable for just about anything a fan could want, but most importantly, what is most meaningful to them personally. These programmes have the ability to track every purchase at venues, every purchase online, and every purchase at participating stores, which can be linked to each fan. For example, American ice hockey team The Panthers informs its fans of gigs and events happening in their stadium off-season, with targeted correspondence examples: Young families might be informed about Disney on Ice, while young adults could be contacted about indie rock gigs, or UFC Fight Nights.

Is it any wonder that 12 of the 20 Premier League teams have a Loyalty Programme?

Fan Loyalty Programs: Seven Best Practices

Sport fandom often has a ripple effect on the economy, going beyond the stadiums, and the hospitality industry, and into daily finance. For the organizational to fan perspective, many fans tend to be just as two faced as with players.

So when they these non-Laker teams have a long period of success and then are forced to rebuild based on the nature of the sport itself, there are many fans that will write their team off and not pay attention anymore. This is what I like to call the bandwagon fan or fair-weather fan.

Now that is different from the fans that decide not to support a team based on the acts of upper management and ownership that clearly look like they are making horrible personnel decisions instead of truly rebuilding through the draft and via trades and are just attempting to save money such as the New Orleans Hornets.

Ultimately they allow the sport to grow to a new level. I know organizations reward their season ticket holders with special events and access to players but I would like to dedicate this post to the very few fans that know their teams and never waver based on year to year success or failure results. I would also like to dedicate this post to the fans that still root for their guy to win when he gets to a different situation if he has done everything he could have to bring success to your team… and no this does not include Raptors fans and Vince Carter.

You all know who you are. This is just an opinion…so please Pardon My Bias.

Fan engagement, fan commitment & fan loyalty: What's the difference and who cares?

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