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But we also acknowledge that part of playing Destiny is collecting all of the stuff, so in future seasons the weapons and Legendary armor associated with these seasonal activities will be added to other reward sites.

'Maybe' Isn't An Answer: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Overthinking

Later in his post, Smith cites two primary reasons for this change; the first being technical limitations. By replacing activities instead of letting them sit in irrelevancy, the studio will reduce the technical requirements of new seasons and expansions. Earlier, Smith describes wanting events to kick off a story beat, resolve it, and set up the next one all in a single season.

To Bungie, that means shrugging off the old and embracing the new every three months. Destiny 2 has lots of different activities, each with their own reason to play and their own kinds of rewards.

Getting to Maybe: how the world is changed

But no matter how good an activity is, it gets hard to stomach after two or three hundred runs. Theoretically, Bungie could rotate these activities out for the benefit of another. Removing options for play can, in some cases, be good. It keeps players more condensed, which increases the matchmaking pool for newer activities. The more player diversity in an activity, the higher chance for players to have a unique or memorable experience. A finite time limit on a new activity also creates a sense of urgency.

'South Park' Made It Cool Not to Care. Then The World Changed

Instead of leaving an activity mid-season to do something else, players will commit to getting everything they can out of an activity before it goes away. Players have a reason to keep going; rather than dropping the season a few weeks in, and promising to gather the remaining loot next season. What will leave each season and how will it come back?

Bungie may give players a chance to play something and then take it out of the limelight for something new. But there are still plenty of players who like going back to old activities after things have calmed down. Bungie can never appease its entire fan base, but players are still looking for more clarity on what the plan is.

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Perhaps the biggest question comes around how these activities will come back. Here are 10 ways to take your emails from mediocre to majorly awesome —while inspiring other people to step it up, too:. Very exciting. I left an inspiring book on your desk. Just a little something to usher in the next chapter.

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I want you to have it. Mine went to doggy-heaven last year. You did a terrific job at the press conference. You were funnier than Ellen DeGeneres and totally nailed the message. Thanks for making our company look great! Or as close as you can get. Think haiku, not memoir.

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My free workbook, Feel. When you write better emails, you set a new barometer of excellence—inspiring everyone around you to communicate more clearly and effectively, too. You might not be destined to be the next Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa, but helping to remove friction, irritation, and time-wasting misunderstandings from your workplace?

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You never know what the ripple effects might be. Alexandra Franzen is an author and communication expert who helps creative people become clear and confident writers.