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Ready or Not, Here I Come!

By Amazon Customer on November 10, Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This novel chronicles a rising basketball star who is in an unfortunate accident.

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The emotions of the families involved are truly conveyed by Mr. I recommend this novel to the casual reader and to those who may be unsure about organ donation. Loved it!!

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By Amazon Customer on November 14, Gifted is a moving depiction of what organ donation is really like for both the medical professionals and the families involved. By TVL on November 6, This is a nice and quick read that puts most things in life into perspective. It really hits home for me. My daughters thought that I was sick or something when they saw me reading an actual book!

This book is about having hope in humanity, love, and trusting others, when the real world around us is trying to do the exact opposite. Great Book! By ALL on November 4, Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Gifted is a great read!

Jen Robinson's Book Page: Gifted Series: Marilyn Kaye: Paranormal Middle School Fiction

The story grabs your attention and keeps it throughout. It draws you in and makes you feel like apart of all the character's lives. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. It shows how sometimes through tragedy comes light and peace. Really gave me a new prospective on organ donation from many different angles. It is well written and as an avid reader I really recommend reading this book!

By MMS on November 2, Gifted is a powerful story with an important message.

The School for the Gifted (Book One and Two)

It's an emotional journey that shows us how to find good in tragedy. But more importantly, it sheds light on a topic that too frequently is taboo and helps to unravel the mystery of this life giving process.

Well done Robert Horsey! By Laura Steward on July 9, Format: Paperback.

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A friend said I need to read this book and interview the author and she said I would not be the same afterwards. She was right. This is a beautiful story about love, and loss and organ donation and the lasting impact on the giver's family and the recipient. The author is an insider to organ donation and he has poured every ounce of the reality and love and angst around the process all wrapped up in a wonderful fiction story.

She does, however, start to show some interest in popular jock Ken who can speak to the dead. It's up to Emily to use her highly unreliable gift for prediction to figure out what's going on and save her friends. All three books are very quick reads. There are various threads left to be resolved in future books, from individual questions about the students what accident led to Ken's gift, and why is Sarah so reluctant to use hers?

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The mysteries aren't particularly suspenseful - kids will be able to see all of the bad guys coming, but they are entertaining. Jenna is from a disadvantaged home, and values her status as goth loner-girl. But she finds it surprisingly nice to have a few friends. Tracey is the older sister of a set of septuplets, and her family life adds a bit of comic relief to the series. Many of their abilities seem to have evolved, in fact, from circumstances in their personal lives Like Charles, the kid in a wheelchair who can move objects with his mind, for example.

I'm not sure how well these books will hold up for adult readers. The middle school setting is largely cardboard popular girls in the bathroom putting on makeup, jocks picking on the boy in the wheelchair, etc.

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The school could be set anywhere - there's nothing unique about it. However, I think that the Gifted books are worth a look for middle school libraries.

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Especially once the next three books come out between April and October of this year. I found them quite readable now, and I think that I would have read them compulsively when I was The Gifted books are also quite suitable for fifth and sixth graders, age-wise. Personally, I found these books just the thing to take my mind off of work-related stress during a rainy week in February.