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No betrayal is final.

Stolen Child

No sin is unforgivable. Every form of death can be overcome.

As Easter was approaching this year, one image kept returning to me in prayer, in my reading and while on retreat: the outstretched hand of God. In Jeremiah, Deuteronomy, and in Exodus we hear of the strong hand and outstretched arm of God - saving his people.


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The great French theologian Yves Congar likened the Son and the Spirit to the two hands of the Father working in the world. Through Christ, we are given grace.

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We are fed and we are healed. Through the Spirit we are given life. We are gifted and we are guided. And, on this Easter day, we celebrate with great faith and joy that the outstretched arms of Christ on the cross gathered all of humanity to be redeemed and raised to the Father.

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As the readings for Easter proclaim, the resurrection of Christ held transformative power because of its truth. The disciples witnessed the risen Lord. They walked with him.

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They ate with him. They talked to him. They put their hands in his nail marks and in his side. And they were loved by him — the risen Lord. This reality is captured by the powerful words spoken by Christ on Easter evening in the upper room. Peace, he says. The Hebrew shalom better conveys the reality: all is reconciled; all is redeemed; all is well. Rolheiser continues his reflection on the resurrection of Christ and its powerful meaning for Christians.

Deacon wisely noted that this story is as much about allowing God to love and serve us as it is about our call to serve others. The Lord reminds us that the two are inseparable. During my time in the emergency department, I have seen a lot of injuries. It seems to be getting more common the longer I am in practice. FOOSH injuries should be examined as soon as possible by a physician since there are long term implications from the injury if left untreated.

FOOSH is an acronym for fall on an outstretched hand.

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This really describes the mechanism of injury. The injury can involve anything that includes the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. This type of injury involves a break of the radius bone in the distal forearm. Because of its proximity to the wrist joint, this injury is often called a wrist fracture.

Most patients will present with localized pain. Sometimes there is a deformity in the wrist with swelling. You can also get numbness to the hand and this will indicate an injury to the median nerve.

Bilateral Supracondylar Humerus Fracture in Pediatric after a Fall on an Outstretched Hand

This is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thereby, any wrist deformity will limit motion of the fingers. So, a person that has swelling, tenderness and loss of wrist motion, could have wrist fracture. Many young people may suffer this type of injury if they fall from a height or are involved in motor vehicle crash. Skateboarding, Rollerblading, running and skiing are some typical activities that can cause this injury. Examination should rule out a skin wound that might indicate an open fracture.

It is also imperative to check for loss of sensation and circulation to the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.