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Workbook was created in xlsopen. In , the couple lived on the Upper West Side in International House, a residence for international graduate students. Sankoff was completing her masters, while Hein worked for her uncle, who ran a studio that made music for Disney productions and the Muppets. The day of the attacks, they huddled with dozens of students from all over the world, cobbling community from what was at hand to ward off the fear. It was, in many ways, a catalyst for what Come From Away eventually became: A gently urgent plea for hope amid despair, for unity and kindness in the hardest of moments.

If now feels a little like then, then maybe Come From Away is exactly where it is meant to be. Whether it was the people coming off the planes, or the people who welcomed them, there was a benefit from the kindness for both sides.

Come From Away’s hopeful message strikes a chord in New York

That seems like something worth remembering. On Friday night, the show locked and ready for the critics, the cast barreled through a performance — laughs hitting hard, and loud, right where they needed to — that landed firmly in a standing ovation, the crowd cheering and clapping along to a Newfoundland musical jam and two curtain calls. As the crowd started to filter out, Mindy Davis, a New Yorker, let go an enormous sigh.

As cast members emerged from the stage door one by one, to cheers each time, they chatted amiably with fans and signed autographs.

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Samayoa, wading through the crowd, arrived to greet a young Indian man who had been to the show several times before. As the cast works its way through the crowd — chatty, unhurried, happy to be there — small groups linger despite the cold. Rebecca Schafer, one of her friends, still seemed a little shell shocked. How important is it to know, right now, that people can be kind to each other and show their best instead of their worst?

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Dana Cullinane, a friend in her group, agreed. For tickets see www. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.

go site Subscribe Now. Get more of the Star in your inbox. Never miss the latest news from the Star. He knows too well the tragedy that it brings. I went through the bible and looked at some well known scriptures that speak to war. The first one I looked up was the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill.

News versions of the bible translate this passage as ""You shall not murder. Biblical scholars say that the word "kill"was incorrectly translated in the King James Version. It should be translated as "murder" not "kill. Even Jesus seems to accept that war will happen: "There is no greater love than to lay one's life down for one's friends.

Why would Jesus tell us to do something that feels so impossible and so wrong unless he thought that we were be able to do it - maybe not every time and maybe not everywhere but some of the time, here and there. As Christians we are called to the high ideal of loving our enemies. God help us as we struggle to do this!

On Remembrance Day, we remember why it is so important to try. It was the first of it's kind. Other church unions would follow - the Uniting Church of Australia is another. Our church accomplished a very difficult task - uniting similar but distinct believers into one church. Any United Church congregation that began before has it's roots in another denomination. Rockton United Church, built in , has it's roots in the Weslyian Methodist denomination.

Methodists are known for their rich musical tradition. This tradition has continued to thrive at Rockton United Church. This week we will celebrate the gifts brought to us by the Methodist tradition founded by John Wesley. We have a lot to be thankful for. He did not want to go to Ninevah.

The 7 divine encounters that change my life - Bishop David Oyedepo

When God asked him to go there to speak to the enemy, Jonah headed in the opposite direction. God followed. Jonah boards a ship.

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The ship encounters a terrible storm. Jonah's shipmates throw him overboard and Jonah is swallowed up by a whale. For three days, he sits in the belly of the whale- praying. Then the whale spits him out on the shores of Ninevah. Lesson: If God wants you to go to Ninevah, you will go to Ninevah! Jonah is grateful to God for saving him from drowning. He is willing to do what God asks of him even though he does not want to. God asks Jonah to tell the people of Ninevah that in forty days their city would be overthrown.

Ninevah was known to be city filled with evil. Jonah didn't want to warn the people of Ninevah, he wanted to destroy them. To his surprise, Jonah's proclammation inspires the whole city to repent, even their king repents. They all turn away from their evil ways. What a great victory! The people are happy; God is happy; but Jonah is not! Jonah can't let go of his hate. He wants the people of Ninevah to be punished.

He's not happy that God forgives them. The story of Jonah and the whale is a happy one for the people of Ninevah but a very sad one for Jonah. Jonah is alive but he is full of anger and hate. This is a living hell. Lesson: let go of personal beliefs that are rooted in anger and hate.

Jonah hated the people from Ninevah because he feared them. When we are afraid, we are prone to let anger and hate grab hold of our thoughts and guide our actions. Let go and let God! There is hope. There is hope! I saw it alive and well today in an old downtown church in Hamilton. I thought I'd go to see if I could learn something new, perhaps get some inspiration for a sermon or two. I found hope. I expected to see a lot of grey haired preachers like myself instead I saw a room was filled with people I"m guessing were in their thirties to forties.

They were excited to be there and the excitement was catching. The number one threat to well being named today was loneliness.

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People are lonelier than ever before. Church leaders spoke about the need to see people in person - to look into another person's eyes. The church of the future may be more like the early church of the disciples day than it has for a long time. We are in a age of transformation.