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You'll look at what does and doesn't serve you as you move forward into your next chapter. This will include evaluating your relationships, validation for your hopes and dreams, and making sure you have the support networks you'll need to succeed. In the last live session of the program we revisit the work done before on developing your passions.

You'll find at least one passion project to take forward big or small and start building the plan to make this a reality. It's all about progress not perfection and you'll work out what your immediate next steps will be. You'll also work out what resources and support you need to keep your transformation momentum going. This is the only way to work in-depth with me and I only work with a small number of clients at this intimate, completely personalized level. While we're working together you'll also have complementary access to my Magnificent Midlife Members Club, which is packed with relevant and valuable resources.

I worked many exciting but stressful years as a financial communications consultant in big busy places like London and New York. Then an early menopause at 41, when I was trying for a longed-for second child, turned my world upside down. I spent a long time floundering.

I questioned everything about myself, who I was, who I wanted to be. Talk about a big kick up the backside when it came to how I was living! I wondered how best to live the hopefully long life I still had left and how to move beyond negative ageist stereotypes about older women.

I no longer wanted the life I had. I spent 10 years working out how to help myself and then others, get unstuck and excited again about where we're going in life. I learnt to listen to my gut and those niggling feelings.

Believe in Yourself? You're Crazy! - Sadhguru

And I learnt how to draw out what those feelings mean for others. I got the basics of hormonal balance, general good health and well-being sorted, so I could start to thrive. I made peace with my own limiting beliefs about what I could and couldn't do. I worked out what I wanted for me and made it happen. Now I love my life, mentoring other midlife women so they get to the good stuff quicker than me.

I'd love to show you how you can transform your life too. Please fill in your details and the initial questionnaire through the form you'll find by clicking the "click here" button below. Then I'll be in touch so we can schedule times to get together and create your wonderful next chapter. I can't wait to meet you! Ready to feel excited about your next chapter? Ready to let go of what no longer serves you.

Mid-Life Marriage Coaching

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She vented about that day's new problem, which I think had something to do with cash flow or, more specifically, the lack of it. I reminded her of a trick my ninety-two-year-old grandmother had taught me. Whenever I complained about an insurmountable problem, she would say, "Put yourself one year forward in time and ask, 'Will this matter next year?

Will I even remember it?

Epiphanies From Grown-Up Girls

She sat smiling in contemplation for a while before she again spoke. It seemed as if a butterfly had just emerged from the confines of its cocoon and taken flight. She leaned back in her leather chair with a new air of poise and self-reliance, as her eyes wandered upward in thought. Midlife clarity? She hadn't been clear about anything in her life for a long time, I thought, as I sat observing what was almost a physical change wash over her.

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In the past year she seemed to have completely lost herself -- divorce, single motherhood with two teens, great challenges with her profession, a current dysfunctional relationship, and an ex-husband continually hauling her into court. I guess this was why she wanted a smaller plate, I thought, laughing to myself. We had been friends for twelve years, casually and professionally, yet for some reason our lives had only recently begun to interconnect on a regular basis.

Why now, I had wondered, would our relationship grow close after so many years?

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I soon found out, as our lives continued to weave together until I found myself hovering on the edge of her midlife whirlpool, strategically poised to throw her a lifeline -- the kind of lifeline that can only be thrown from someone in the sisterhood, the lifeline we women earn after weathering many storms.

I returned my attention to her. The lifeline I had been attempting to throw her had been earned through years on my own journey of self-discovery, struggle, and, at one point, truly losing myself. Just like my friend in her own whirlpool, I too had navigated through waters I never belonged in to find midlife clarity. Afterwards, I began to see other women move along the same course I had navigated in my thirties, when I found that core essence of "who I am" and began to be comfortable with myself.

My "who I am" moment was that same moment my friend was experiencing now: a moment of clarity -- midlife clarity! We had connected on a level that was that once-in-a-lifetime love.

Midlife Mentoring - Magnificent Midlife

Wow, it was wonderful! I remember thinking, "I now know what it's like to be walking on air. As an American, I was enchanted by its tradition, history, and beauty. I made girlfriends and slotted neatly into the English life. What I couldn't see was that, piece by piece, I was slowly losing myself.

I didn't know it but I was lost. It wasn't until I returned to the United States that I realized how lost I really was, not until I began to interact with my girlfriends and feel the early signs of empowerment.

The sisterhood to the rescue! It took about three years to regain myself; with the help of my friends.