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Searching and repeated, severe and thorough, has been the test; the same result has followed us as in the case of precious metal, for the dross and tin have been consumed, and the pure ore has been discovered. Since trial is sanctified to so desirable an end, ought we not to submit to it with abounding resignation. Spurgeon adds another note : Convinced from the frequent use of this illustration, that there was something more than usually instructive in the process of assaying and purifying silver, I have collected some few facts upon the subject. The hackneyed story of the refiner seeing his image in the molten silver while in the fire, has so charmed most of us, that we have not looked further; yet, with more careful study, much could be brought out.

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To assay silver requires great personal care in the operator. The result is liable to the influence of so many contingencies, that no assayer who regards his reputation will delegate the principal process to one not equally skilled with himself. Besides the result ascertainable by weight, there are allowances and compensations to be made, which are known only to an experienced assayer, and if these were disregarded, as might be the case with the mere novice, the report would be wide from the truth.

Pagnini's version reads: "Thou hast melted us by blowing upon us," and in the monuments of Egypt, artificers are seen with the blowpipe operating with small fire places, with cheeks to confine and reflect the heat; the worker evidently paying personal attention, which is evident also in Malachi ,, "He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.

To assay silver requires a skillfully constructed furnace. The description of this furnace would only weary the reader, but it is evidently a work of art in itself. Even the trial of our faith is much more precious than that of gold which perisheth. He has refined us, but not with silver, he would not trust us there, the furnace of affliction is far more skillfully arranged than that.

To assay silver the heat must be nicely regulated. One indication of an excess of heat in the furnace, is the rapid and perpendicular rising of the fumes to the ceiling of the muffle, the mode of checking and controlling which has been pointed out in the description of the improved furnace. When the fumes are observed to fall to the bottom of the muffle, the furnace is then too cold; and if left unaltered, it will be found that the cupellation has been imperfectly performed, and the silver will not have entirely freed itself from the base metals.

Encyclopaedia Britannica. The assayer repeats his trying process. Usually two or more trials of the same piece are made, so that great accuracy may be secured. Seven times silver is said to be purified, and the saints through varied trials reach the promised rest. WW : The reason God tries us and tests us is to prove us. He's proving nothing to Himself. He knows us from top to bottom. Instead, He's proving something to us.

God considers us as valuable as silver, and He puts us into situations that test and strengthen us. Search me, O God, and know my heart. David is no accomplice with traitors. He has disowned them in set form, and now he appeals to God that he does not harbour a trace of fellowship with them. He will have God himself search him, and search him thoroughly, till every point of his being is known, and read, and understood; for he is sure that even by such an investigation there will be found in him no complicity with wicked men.

He challenges the fullest investigation, the innermost search: he had need be a true man who can put himself deliberately into such a crucible. Yet we may each one desire such searching; for it would be a terrible calamity to us for sin to remain in our hearts unknown and undiscovered. Try me, and know my thoughts. Exercise any and every test upon me. By fire and by water let me be examined. Read not alone the desires of my heart, but the fugitive thoughts of my head. Know with all penetrating knowledge all that is or has been in the chambers of my mind.

What a mercy that there is one being who can know us to perfection! He is intimately at home with us.

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He is graciously inclined towards us, and is willing to bend His omniscience to serve the end of our sanctification. Let us pray as David did, and let us be as honest as he. We cannot hide our sin: salvation lies the other way, in a plain discovery of evil, and an effectual severance from it. Dokimazo was used in classic Greek to describe the assaying of precious metals especially gold or silver coins , usually by fire, to prove the whether they were authentic and whether they measured up to the stated worth.

That which endures the test was called dokimos and that which fails is called adokimos. For example Paul writes that unregenerate mankind. Young's literal translation see note Romans In this incredible verse in Romans 1, fallen men presumptuously put God to the test for the purpose of approving Him to see He if He would meet the specifications which they laid down for a God Who would be to their liking!

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  • But sinful man did not stop there, for finding that He did not meet their specifications, they refused to approve dokimazo Him as the God to be worshipped or to be kept in its knowledge! They tested the infinitely precious God as they would a mere coin, and chose to turn aside from Him! Dokimazo means to make a critical examination of something to determine its genuineness.

    Dokimazo was used in a manuscript of AD which contains a plea for the exemption of physicians, and especially of those who have passed the examination dokimazo.

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    Dokimazo was thus used as a technical expression referring to the action of an examining board putting its approval upon those who had successfully passed the examinations for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Dokimazo was also used to describe the passing of a candidate as fit for election to public office. Candidates for a medical doctorate must be tested. It is crucial to find out if they are the genuine thing.

    Revelation 3:14, The Amen

    We do not want an incompetent surgeon operating on us. When doctors prove genuine by examining, they meet the attestation. It is obvious that God wants to discover what constitutes our character. Character is best ascertained when we are placed under duress. God will detect our weakness and strength by giving us an exam. It will be a difficult exam. Get out your blue books. God is about to find out the genuineness of your faith!

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    God refines our faith by trial. When it comes to trials, everyone is in one of these three stages: They are experiencing a trial, coming out of a trial or about to go into a trial! In the Detroit, Mich. The purpose of these proving grounds is to test the mechanical soundness of cars before they are out on the market. Test drivers run these cars for days without turning off the motor. The cars are put through bumps, curves, water, hills and many more obstacles for long periods of time. The manufacturing companies want to know whether the shocks and brakes are going to hold up under punishment.

    In the same way, God wants to develop our faith so that we will stand up to the bumps of life. Have you assayed your life? Have you found it genuine? Will you pass the exam?

    Worship at the Throne of God

    Will God regard you as appropriate for His service? God makes His assessment after He puts us to the test. He will judge us to ensure we are real and genuine, and if we are He will approve us for service. Excellent verse by verse analysis. On the basis of the truth in Romans , in Romans Paul charges believers to.

    In a similar exhortation to the Ephesians who were formerly in spiritual darkness but now were light in the Lord, because of who they were in Christ, they should walk as children of light continually.

    Walking in the light, in the Spirit, according to the Word and the revealed will of God is a sure way to test and approve what pleases our Lord. What does the Lord think about this? How does it appear in His presence? Every area of life comes under the searchlight what a picture of "dokimazo"! Believer's Bible Commentary: Thomas Nelson. Dokimazo speaks of investigating to determine which is the best , in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.

    The American Banking Association once sponsored a two-week training program to help tellers detect counterfeit bills. The program was unique--never during the two-week training did the tellers even look at a counterfeit bill, not did they listen to any lectures concerning the characteristics of counterfeit bills… All they did for two weeks was handle authentic currency, hour after hour and day after day, until they were so familiar with the true that they could not possibly be fooled by the false. Note the word " also " indicates that elders likewise are subject to ongoing "dokimazo".

    You hypocrites! A short while later, in telling a parable of the kingdom while dining with a group of leading Pharisees, He spoke of a man who excused himself from attending a dinner given by a wealthy man because he had.

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    Paul uses dokimazo to describe the future Judgment Seat of Christ 2Cor of believers not for punishment but to determine reward when. Tested by fire - Fire is the symbol of testing. Or as William Dyer put it "Fiery trials make golden Christians. Eminent virtue always shows brightest in the fire.

    Pure gold shows its purity chiefly in the furnace. Paul charges the Thessalonians in context referring to prophetic utterances, but applicable as a general principle to continually. Comment : All of the present imperatives call for these actions to be our lifestyle, our continual or habitual practice.