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The increased average age of parents at the birth of their first child — 30 for women and even older for men — as well as the choice of family planning are factors conducive to a higher level of concern in the care of children. Just consider how often parents run to the doctor at the slightest concern.

As for protective gear, parents are proud to show off their babies with sunglasses, helmets and knee pads on their toy scooters. This is quite commendable.

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Such prudent behaviour has given rise to investments by the protective equipment sectors, including the optical sector, in response to the emerging needs of children and echoing current information provided to paediatricians, general practitioners and, of course, ophthalmologists and opticians. The publicity given this initiative, devoted to the search for visual anomalies of all kinds, has raised awareness of the visual capabilities of the preverbal child. Infants see better than previously thought, and their vision deserves to be protected.

At this age, the examination is easy, and the child is cooperative and follows the treatment. Opposition begins to appear at approximately 12 months.

Once an indication has been identified, whether it is due to heredity, prematurity or an apparent eye disorder — often an epicanthic fold — the medical profession recommends a check-up with a specialist ophthalmologist or orthoptist. This practice has significantly reduced the number of surgical procedures for strabismus, since most of them can be avoided by early correction of refractive errors.

The discovery of amblyopia during the health check performed at the entrance to the first year of primary school at age 5 has become much less frequent. Consequently, treat- ment for the most serious ophthalmologic pathologies is provided earlier and remarkable progress has been made in therapeutic regimens. Routine screening of all children would be costly and unproductive, since it would inevitably be cursory. Surveillance consists in referral to a specialist as soon as an indication or risk factor has been identified. This the current practice in France and it is paying off.

It is during these visits, but also during visits to the paediatrician or general practitioner, that parents raise the issue of sun protection.

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The eyes should be protected from the sun for reasons of visual health and comfort from a very early age, and this practice must become routine. There are no contraindications. Although certain therapeutic ratios still need to be measured, all evidence indicates that protecting the eyes against cumulative sun exposure is the responsible attitude.

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It is somewhat delicate to propose a hierarchy of factors that have contributed to the increasing acceptance of eye sun protection for infants and children. Much remains to be done, however, to encourage widespread acceptance of the need for children to wear protective eyewear. The dissem-ination of information on the dangers of exposure to high-energy visible light — particularly blue light and UV radiation — is gaining momentum, spurred on by the introduction of new lighting solutions.

Increased life expectancies are also making everyone more aware of the difficulties faced by the elderly as their sight begins to fail, irrespective of the origin of the pathology. Eyewear manufacturers have made a particular effort to provide appropriate solutions at a reasonable cost.

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Such products are even found in sporting goods stores. Finally, the medical and paramedical professions have become aware of the need to protect the vision of infants and provide more comfort for this little toddler who is not yet able to express his or her discomfort. Protective eyewear for infants and children undoubtedly has a bright future.

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Refer as Print Font size Archive. Share this content. The infant's vision and light - The role of prevention in preserving visual capacity. Content The newborn child can see from the moment of birth, and even before. The sun is the villain. Sunglasses with side shields for adults and design not really optimized for babies. Wraparound design with wide bridge and wide temples that provide side protection.

Wraparound design that covers the eyebrows. During the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, the foetus begins to see and react to light. References Delcourt C. Archives of Ophthalmology ; Magic Eye puzzles are stereograms, which are two dimensional pictures that can create three-dimensional images depending on how you look at them. Some stereograms are designed to be viewed cross-eyed, but the ones published in the famous Magic Eye books were designed for divergent viewing. Although Magic Eye puzzles were all the rage in the 90s, the idea had been around for decades before then.

They were developed as part of an investigation into human perception - specifically the mechanisms involved in taking the two separate images created by your two eyes, and combining them into one. Come in quei poster della Magic Eye degli anni When you glance at a Magic Eye, it may look like a fuzzy picture, but when you view it with focused eyes, a three-dimensional image forms. A post shared by candymactons candymactons on Oct 19, at pm PDT.

When your eyes focus normally, the line of vision from each eye meets in the same place on the page. Your brain then works out how far away the picture is by comparing the different views from each eye. Fun little throwback for those of you who remember the nineties stereogram 3d magiceye. It can be removed surgically but can also reoccur. Cataracts are a common ailment among the elderly and can be caused by UV radiation among other factors. These, too, can be removed surgically.

And pinguecula is a yellow-white fibrous growth appearing on the side of the eye closest to the nose due to an accumulation of protein or calcium with UV considered just one factor. Simply wearing sunglasses is the easiest and best way to avoid developing UV-related eye illnesses, said Mr Pande of visionsurgery.