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Ghost Pirates are a new enemy in Fable II. They represent the former crew of the once-feared pirate king Captain Dread. They are found in The Sinkhole and aboard Dread's ship, the Marianne.

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Once the Hero of Bowerstone begins their exploration of The Sinkhole and the Marianne , they will start to encounter the Ghost Pirates. Ghost Pirates primarily act like live- bandits , utilizing a combination of Rusty and Iron weapons to encircle their target and slowly take them out. Unlike bandits, however, Ghost Pirates attack in massive swarms, especially when Captain Dread himself fights the Hero. Fortunatley, they are fairly easy to kill.

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Even though they are ghosts, they can still be killed with a melee weapon. One interesting feature to take into account is that if the Hero is using an augment such as the Ghoul Augment , they will not recieve any health upon killing a Ghost Pirate. It's remarkably free from the idiotic phrasing that so many books from that era are polluted with.

The Ghost Pirates

However, brush up on your sea faring language, there's some in here. Nothing bad, safe for kids too. Even as people start dying. If you like your stories neat wrapped up, and everything spelled out in the end this might not be the book for you.

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Not that whole story, just a few parts of it. I do not mean that in a bad way.

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It would make a good old fashonied story where the monsters are not blood sucking demons etc.. Just a slow build in suspense like a good Hitchcock movie.

Who's the bad guy? Was that him? September 21, - Published on Amazon. The Ghost Pirates was entertaining and holds up incredibly well for its age; I'm actually a bit surprised it has not received an update as a screenplay as it would translate well into a period horror movie. I downloaded this because it was free and fell into the horror genre.

The Ghost Pirates

I was not disappointed and it is well worth the read. It is written in first-person, and is filled with archaic nautical terms which the Kindles dictionary handles quite nicely for the most part. I don't give away detailed plot points in my reviews, but in a nutshell this is a story about a sailor who takes a job on a reputedly haunted ship. It follows the basic formula of disbelief and isolation, followed by a group realization that something is not quite right. February 8, - Published on Amazon. William Hope Hodgson is revered as a writer of fantasy and horror fiction, among other genres.

Hodgson's tale deals with a sailing ship journeying to its doom, as related by a sole survivor named Jessop. As the voyage progresses, queer things start happening on board the ship. Phantoms seem to be walking the desk.

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At other times, strange mists encircle the ship. Ghost ships appear only to vanish. And then things turn deadly. Though many strange events transpire, I never felt a sense of dread about what was happening. Then too, Hodgson, who had sailed the seas as a young man, uses endless nautical terms to describe the ship. It's all authentic terminology but, after a while, you get tired of scratching your head wondering what a fore brace lock is or a sherpole or t'gallant rigging.

Pick up a copy and see for yourself. You may be scared out of your wits. I wasn't. January 19, - Published on Amazon.

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The Ghost Pirates is an interesting early case of polished, ambitious, evocative literature hiding in the guise of pulp horror. Lovecraft, and both comparisons are apt. With titles like Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer, Conrad expressed the confusion and peril of a hostile environment, the mystery, the potential for exploitation, and the psychic toll of a life lived in marginal, undelineated spaces.