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Sarfraz Manzoor.

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Quran The word translated here as good ihsan can otherwise be translated as excellence and seeking perfection. Along with Islam and Imaan, Ihsan is one of the three core dimensions of the faith as elaborated in the famous hadith of Jibreel angle Gabriel peace be upon him. When the angel Gabriel came to meet with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and ask him a series of questions in order to teach those around him the essentials of the faith.

And the answer came with the essential articles of faith: To believe in God, His Angels, His books, His messengers, , and the Last Day, and the predestination both good and bad of it. And the answer came from the prophet in a way that is both marvelous and enigmatic.


Quran Life Excellence by Sultan Abdulhameed

So this is the first meaning of ihsan that we have be aware of: it is to perfect our faith to believe in God and worship Him alone- to make worship only and solely for Him as elaborated in chapter Al-Ikhlas The second meaning is to do better and to improve ourselves. And this is something which many people understand is a virtue when it comes to the body to develop and train the body, and to train and develop the mind by learning new things; but also Islam sees the essential nature of developing and training the soul, the spirit and cleaning the heart.

The third meaning is to seek after perfection , perfectionizm in all things. And this leads us on to the fourth meaning of Ihsan.

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Ihsan is something which extends to others, doing good spreading benefit. Indeed in common language nowadays, people refer to philanthropy and those who are generous and supporting the causes of the needy as muhsineen ; they are people who spread good and benefit and perfect the society around them.