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The treaty also drastically reshaped Eastern Europe. It severely limited the German armed forces by restricting the size of the army to , and disallowing a navy or air force. The navy was sailed to Scapa Flow under the terms of surrender but was later scuttled as a reaction to the treaty. The war in the trenches of the Western Front left tens of thousands of maimed soldiers and war widows.

The unprecedented loss of life had a lasting effect on popular attitudes toward war, resulting later in an Allied reluctance to pursue an aggressive policy toward Adolf Hitler. Germany in was bankrupt, the people living in a state of semi-starvation and having no commerce with the remainder of the world. The Allies occupied the Rhine cities of Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz, with restoration dependent on payment of reparations. France lost more casualties relative to its population than any other great power and the industrial north-east of the country was devastated by the war.

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The provinces overrun by Germany had produced 40 percent of French coal and 58 percent of its steel output. To prevent similar German attacks in the future, France later built a massive series of fortifications along the German border known as the Maginot Line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main theatre of war during the First World War. Allied Powers :. United Kingdom.

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United States From Portugal From Russia From Italy From Siam From Pershing Albert I of Belgium. Civilian dead: , [c]. Western Front.

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Theatres of World War I. Main article: First Battle of the Marne. Main article: First Battle of Ypres. Main article: Trench warfare. Main article: Chemical weapons in World War I. Main article: Aviation in World War I.

Main article: Battle of Verdun. Main article: Battle of the Somme. Main article: Hindenburg Line. Main articles: Battle of Arras and Nivelle Offensive. Main article: Battle of Cambrai. German tank in Roye , 21 March Main article: Spring Offensive. Main article: Aftermath of World War I. Main article: Casualties of World War I. See also: French war planning — Appendix F additionally breaks down the German killed figures per the Reichsarchiv as: , killed in action; , died of wounds; , missing reclassified as dead. Retrieved 6 March Adamthwaite, Anthony P.

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The Race to the Sea

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